Week 23!!

Weight Loss this week: 3.6

Total Weight Loss: 86.8

Left to lose for 6 month goal (changed to 90 pounds): 3.4

Well I think I had a pretty awesome week! I lost 3.6 this week even though I had a hurt hip and couldn’t exercise much.  It is kind of funny because I lost the same last week and was so upset about my weight loss last week.  I reread my last post and was thinking to myself what a whiner! I still lost 3.6 pounds last week and I shouldn’t have complained about that!! That is an awesome weight loss, so I apologize for last weeks post I guess I was just upset about working so hard at the exercise and not doing as well as I thought I would in my head.  I am trying to learn to be happy with any weight loss no matter how much it is!

So my 6 month goal is a week away and I wanted to lose 100 pounds in 6 months.  However, I do not see that I’m going to lose 14 pounds next week so it is a bit unrealistic.  For that reason I have decided as I tell all my clients to re-evaluate my goal.  I don’t want to set some huge goal that I can’t reach next week and feel horrible about it.  I have decided to lower my 6 month goal to 90 pounds which I believe is achievable, I will need to lose 3.4 to reach this goal next week.  I still can not believe that I am so close to 90 pounds in 6 months and will be sooooo proud of myself no matter if I make it to 90 next week or not!  I have never ever lost this much weight and I really never thought it was possible.  This experience has shown me that not only can I lose the weight but it is happening so quickly that it really is blowing my mind.  I just can’t imagine what else is in store for me but with this experience I have learned that all things are possible.

Today we are headed to Oklahoma City for Isabella’s first dance competition of the year.  She is super excited and can’t wait to do her dances.  We love doing the dance competition as a family and enjoy watching the girls perform.  So our lives are about to become very hectic and chaotic with competition season upon us but we will love every minute of it.  Now if we can just keep Zowie off the stage we will have it made.  That girl is such a ham!

Ok so I’m going to work hard and hopefully I will make it to my goal this week!



Week 22, 5 1/2 months

Weekly Weight Loss:  3.6

Total Weight Loss: 83.2

Countdown to 6 month goal:  need to lose 16.8

Well…….I’m happy that I lost weight but I’m frustrated that it wasn’t more.  I have exercised every day this week so on Tuesday I weighed at weight wise and was 387.0 so expected that I was going to be way down by Saturday and would have an awesome weight loss this week.  Well I was 387.8 this morning.  I don’t know I can’t figure it out.  Overall I lost but I was soooo excited for a big weight loss this week so I’m still super bummed.  I know I have to just keep working on it and keep trucking along but man these days make it soooo hard sometimes.  I hate exercise anyways so when I work really hard and then don’t see any of the benefits it makes me want to give up on the exercise.  I’m not going to though, I have been trying to remind myself to look at the big picture and not expect instant gratification.

Ok well enough of that!  I do have some really awesome news! When I started this journey I was wearing a size 38 in women and they were tight and often I avoided wearing jeans because they were to tight.  Well as I’m sitting here typing this post I am wearing wait for it……………a size 28!!!!!!!!  And they feel sooooo awesome! Now I have not worn a size 28 since I had Isabella who is about to turn 11.  So even though I was frustrated with the total weight loss I’m so overwhelmingly happy about the jeans that it kind of makes up for it.  That’s 5 sizes!

Well I have been trying tons of new recipes so check out my recipes page also I posted several last week and I am posting chicken fajitas today.

Week 21

I lost 2 pounds this week for a total of 79.6 pounds!  I am soooo close to that 80 pounds.  This leaves me with 20.4 to lose and I only have 3 weeks left to meet my 6 month goal.  I’m really thinking this might be unrealistic so I am not going to be to upset if I don’t make it.  I do plan to keep working though trying to make it if I can.  You know 21 weeks ago I thought there is no way that this is going to work it will be just like everything else I do I’ll do well for a few weeks and then back to my old habits but I am very proud of myself for not giving up.  I think the key is that this is really about just learning about healthy eating and how my body burns fat (I have learned sooo much) instead of dieting.  In fact I don’t really call this a diet I call it a lifestyle change.  I super excited that I have been able to keep working hard and stick with it this time.  I am almost 6 months in and I have lost weight every single week!  I still have a long ways to go to reach my goal weight but I just keeping working and eventually I’ll get there.

Now as you know I have been struggling with the exercise portion of this lifestyle change.  So this week I decided to buy a new exercise bike.  Me and Sheldon spent all morning putting it together (it was a workout just putting it together).  So I exercised 15 mins this morning (I know it doesn’t sound like much but it was tough).  I plan to work out for another 15 mins later tonight to equal my 30 mins.  Maybe soon I’ll be doing 30 mins at once!  I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!!

I have my 5 month check up on Tuesday the 14th with WeightWise (great way to spend Valentine’s Day).  I am doing VO2 testing when I go, this will tell me at what heart rate range I burn fat when I’m exercising.  So after I do this test I can wear a heart monitor while exercising and make sure that I am in the right range to burn fat.  Good information to have.

This week I am also trying several new crock pot recipes, so if we like them I will add them to my recipes page.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and for keeping me motivated!!  Will check in later.

It’s my birthday!

Today is my birthday, I’m 32 this year.  It’s still hard to believe sometimes that I’m in my 30’s! I was very worried about my birthday coming up and having all the temptations that usually accompany celebrations like birthdays.  For as long as I can remember our family has celebrated birthdays the same way.  We always have a giant cake full of calories and it has been a tradition that the birthday person gets to pick their favorite restaurant and we go out to eat.  Well that just isn’t going to work this year!  So I decided it was time for a new tradition.  I recently got some coupons in the mail from Riverwind Casino for free hotel stay and decided that it would be great to do something new for my birthday.  So we dicided to call up and book our room and use up those coupons.  So we are heading to Norman after the girls get out of school today to stay the night.  I also plan to stop at Fashion Bug and buy a couple of outfits tomarrow on the way home since I’m in a smaller size it should be fun! 

I also keep telling myself if I stay on track and keep up the hard work this time next year I should be very close to my goal weight!! So what a great day that will be!!  I think the best gift I got this year was from myself in the fact that I’m choosing to change my lifestyle and can have many more birthdays than I would have had if I kept living the way I was. 

Have a safe Tuesday everyone and I’ll be posting this weekend with an update!

Week 20, 5 months!

Weight Loss this week 3.4, Total Weight Loss 77.6 lbs.

It seems like 3 pounds a week has been my average for about a month now.  It isn’t as much as I was losing but it’s still getting me to my goal!  Of course my goal for 6 months is 100 pounds.  I have 22.4 left to lose so I’m not sure that I’m going to make it to this one but even if I don’t I plan to keep going.

I struggled a lot this week, not sure why.  In fact it was very frustrating!  I felt like I had a handle on my appetite and cravings but for some reason this week I really struggled.  I felt hungry all week and I had cravings like crazy.  Again not sure what set it off but I have been just using strategies I use at work.  I have been keeping myself occupied with activities and hobbies.  I have started scrapbooking again since I bought my cricut.  I also have been trying to keep my mind off the negative thoughts as much as possible by using positive affirmations.  I just keep going!

This has been a tough week for our family as well.  Sheldon’s grandfather passed away this week and we had his funeral today.  He was a great man and our family will miss him.  I know that he is in a better place.

Next week (Feb. 7th) is my 32nd birthday.  I am planning a get away with my husband for Tuesday night in order to keep my mind off of the craving to eat cake.  We are going to Riverwind Casino in Norman.  Wish me luck!

Welcome to my blog!

Ok so I have been sharing my progress on facebook but I have been thinking lately that I’d love to have a space to share more of my expereince with my weight loss.  So I thought why not try blogging.  I have never done this so I’m learning as I go. You will have to be patient with me as I learn how this all works.  Anyways I plan to share my weekly progress, post my weight loss journey wish list accomplishments, share recipes and tips as I find them, and hopefully coming soon some pictures.  My hope is to share my progress to help keep myself accountable.  It has been working on facebook for the past 5 months.  I would hate to have to put out to the world that I gained weight so it helps me stay on track.  Also all the encouragement really has helped me stay motivated!

I decided in September of 2011 that I needed to make a changed in my life.  I was morbidly obese, well I have been most of my life.  Anyways on evening while arguing with my husband he mentioned to me that I have always “said” that I always do what I want and that nothing holds me back but yet my weight has been holding me back for years.  Of course I was enraged by this comment and was in complete denial about how much my weight affected not only me but my family as well.  I thought about it for the next few days, of course I wasn’t talking to him so I had plenty of time to think about it.  Finally I decided that maybe he was right.  So I got online and started trying to find resources cause I knew I was going to need some help to turn this around.  I went to Weight Wise’s website which is a hospital in Edmond that does weight loss surgeries.  I was looking for some resources for surgery which scares the bajesus out of me and came across a link to their metabolic plan which included a meeting with a dietician, exercise physiologist, and some testing for 6 months.  I thought why not give it a try it beats being cut open.  So I called the next day and made an appointment!

So on September 16th, 2011 I went to Edmond, OK to Weight Wise and attended my first appointment.  I was super scared and nervous about what they were going to tell me.  I did my metabolism test first and was told that I actually had a high metabolism (first time I’ve ever been told that) and that I needed to just make changes to the things I eat so I can burn fat instead of carbs.  This was news to me!  Then came the worst part, the first weigh in, I was dreading this.  Now I knew that I had let myself go after having my 2nd child and losing my job that I loved.  However I had no idea how bad it had gotten.  I stepped on the scale and weighed 471 pounds! OMG!!!! I cried, felt horrible, felt defeated, and humiliated.  The staff at Weight Wise was great though, they really helped me understand that even though it seems like such a large number that I can do it.  I met with Steph my dietician, who I love, and she told me about the diet.  I cried some more after she told me I can’t eat carbs or sugar at all.  I got all the information, got my exercise plan from Lauren and headed out.  Now I shared this with my dietician and she thought this was funny but when I left I thought you have to be kidding me and said screw it and went to Braums and got ice cream.  However that night I went home read over everything and decided I paid $500 and I’m going to try this.

So on 9/17/2011 I started my life changes.  I changed my diet, which was very hard, but now I am so used to it that it has become second nature.  I started exercising 15 minutes a day and doing stretches that they asked me to do daily and I started taking daily vitamins.  Oh yeah and drinking 4 bottles of water a day, 64 oz.

SO as some of you know I have been posting my progress on facebook as I go.  I weigh in on Saturdays every week and post my weight loss on my facebook status.  I have been doing this for 5 months now and I have lost 75 lbs.  I am now weighing in at 395.6 as of yesterday.  I have not cheated once on my diet in the entire 5 months! Can’t believe that but I havn’t.  I do slack off on the exercise though and need to work on this.

I also decided that I need to figure out ways to reward myself for my accomplishments that do not involve food.  Also find ways to celebrate things without using food like holidays, bdays, etc.  So I made a weight loss journey wish list of things that I have put off or couldn’t do because of my weight.  So I will post that too and mark things off as I go.

So that’s about it, that should bring you up to date.  I am hoping to blog on here once a week to update you on my progress!