Week 27

Weight Loss this Week: 2.2

Total Weigh Loss: 97.2

Ok so I didn’t post last week because I was so upset about not losing anything.  I’m still frustrated this week also.  I weighed in on Thursday before our trip and was down to 99.2 lost.  Then after our vacation (that I didn’t eat anything yummy at all while on vacation!) have gained weight so now I’m at 97.2.  This weight loss thing is sooo hard as it is but it gets even harder when you don’t see any results on the scale.  I am not giving up because I have come so far and I wouldn’t stop now but something needs to give.  This happened when I was closing in on 50 pounds also so I’m just wondering if there is something with my body that I need to switch things up every 50 pounds or so.  When this happened at 50 I changed up my shakes so I am going to call my dietician today and see what she suggests to get things going again.  I need to have some results to keep my motivation going.

Ok so I know you don’t want to hear me complain.  I am extremely happy about being this close to 100 pounds.  I wish I could get there already but I’m still very happy.  We went on vacation this weekend and it was so awesome to be able to do everything that my family did and enjoy it with them.  We shopped at the mall on Thursday since it was raining and couldn’t go to the zoo.  It has been a long time since I shopped at the mall all day without a wheelchair cart.  I kept up with them all day even with my hip out of place.  Friday and Saturday we spent the day at Great Wolf Lodge which was sooo much fun.  I played with Zowie most of the time in the kiddie pool but we had a blast.  Of course Sheldon keeps saying next time we go they are getting me on one of those big slides.  I’m not to sure about that.  Anyways I think the biggest thing that I have accomplished with this weight loss is getting to enjoy and spend time with my girls and my husband and not have my weight limit how much we can do and how long.  So that makes me very happy.  I was even climbing stairs with my older two girls playing magiquest at the Great Wofl Lodge and finding clues all over the hotel (which is huge if you have ever been there).

So I have lost 97.2 pounds but I have lost a ton of personal burden and guilt.


Week 25!

Weight Loss this week:  6.0 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 95.0 pounds

Weight Left to Lose to reach 100 pound goal: 5.0

AAAAHHHHH!!! Not only did I make it to 90 pounds I made to it 95 pounds this week!!!! WOOOHOOO!  Ok sorry but holy crap am I excited!  I worked really really hard this week as you can see getting a 6 pound weight loss and man it feels good for it to pay off!  This week has been pretty tough on my will power but I managed to make it through the rough spots.  I am going to try to do it again this week and hopefully I will lose that next 5 pounds!  My 6 month anniversary is next Saturday so maybe I will make it.  Now I know you are all thinking wait a minute she already missed her 6 month goal but I was looking at my records.  What I was doing was every 4 weeks was a month because that’s how I did my check ups with weightwise.  However I started on September 17th so technically March 17th would be my 6 month anniversary.  Maybe I’m grasping for straws but to me it makes sense!  So wish me luck on losing another 5 pounds next week, I’m going to work super super hard to get there.

On another note yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful play put on by the 5th grade classes at Lincoln here is Alva.  This was very meaningful to me because as most of you that live in Alva know the Lincoln school wasn’t my best friend just because of the stairs and the lack of parking that caused you to walk very far to get to the school during events.  However I was so happy that not only did I walk the 2 blocks to the school, I got down the stairs, stood during the performances since I couldn’t see in the back, walked back up the 2 flights of stairs without even getting winded, and then walked 2 blocks up hill back to my car!  Oh yeah in flip flops!  It felt great to be able to be there for my daughter and not be dreading the stairs or the walk.  It was a great play, she made a very beautiful hula dancer.

Tuesday is my monthly checkup with Weightwise and I will be at the end of my 6 month plan.  As you know though I still have a lot to lose.  I am currently at 376.0 pounds and my goal weight is 171.0.  So 205 pounds left to lose.  So I am purchasing another 6 months worth of follow up to keep me going.  I know I could keep going on my own and doing the same thing but I like having the support from Weightwise.  I will only do checkups every 6-8 weeks though instead of every 4 weeks.  The advice and information they have given me in invaluable to me and I learn something new every single time I go so it’s worth the money for me.  Of course I don’t feel like you can really put a value on your life and health.

Last thing! To celebrate my 6 month weight loss which still amazes me daily, we are going on a vacation during spring break and incorperating several of the items on my wish list to celebrate.  We are going to the zoo and I am NOT renting a wheelchair cart!!!  I can not wait to enjoy the day with my family and not have to be embarrassed by using the cart and I’ll be able to do all the exhibits with them and not have to miss anything just because my cart won’t fit.  Also we are going to great wolf lodge which wasn’t on my list and no I’m not wearing a bakini but I am excited to be in the pool and spend time with my kids which is on my list to enjoy my family.  I’m not sure what else we will do but I know we are going to have a good time doing it!

WOOOHOOO 95 pounds!! Sorry had to do it again!!! So excited!!!  I am also trying a new recipe tonight so I will post it if we like it.  Have a blessed day!

Week 24, 6 months.

Weight Loss this week:  2.2

Total Weight Loss: 89

Pounds to reach 100:  11

Ok so I didn’t make either of my goals for today.  I am soooo close to that 90 pounds though I can taste it.  It is really hard for me to believe that in just 11 pounds I will have lost 100 pounds!  I always thought that losing 100 pounds was impossible and that it just couldn’t happen.  I guess I was wrong.  I should be there within the next month.  Someone was asking me about my weight loss just the other day and I told them I’m not really on a diet I feel like I just finally learned how to eat right.  I have gone to school all my life pretty much and I just never took the time or effort to learn about nutrition or health.  So I know it’s easiest to just say that I’m on a diet but I feel like it isn’t a diet at all.  I don’t feel deprived and I feel very happy.  I could have never stuck with a diet for 6 months, trust me I’ve tried.  I am just trying to live life healthier and make good choices about what I eat.  All I know is that this is working for me.  Since I started 6 months ago I have lost every single week consistantly.  I couldn’t be more happy right now.

So since I havn’t officially hit my 6 month goal yet I have 11 pounds to go I’m not going to set a new goal yet I’m just going to continue working on this one.  Like I said I should make it in about a month at the rate that I have been losing.  After I achieve this goal then I’ll figure out where I’m going from there. I don’t care where I end up as long as I’m still losing every week I don’t care.