Week 32

Weight Loss this week:.8

Total Weight Loss: 109.4

This week was a slow loss week.  I really do not understand why one week I lose 3 pounds and the next week I only lose a few ounces.  I havn’t changed anything at all since I started so I can only assume it’s just an environmental thing.  So anyways I’m not stressing out about it.  I will just get there when I get there.  I am just going to continue doing what I do and I know I’ll keep losing and eventually get to where I want to be.  I did have a check up at Weightwise this week and that went very well.  I am still staying with the same diet.  I was challenged to make a schedule for my exercise and stick with it.  So I am going to work on that.  However, of course I threw my back out so we will see how that goes this week.  I do have several exciting things going on though.

First of all I crossed off another item on my weight loss list, attend the zoo with my family.  So happy to get to cross another item off.  I even posted a picture of this one so go check it out sometime. I am also working on crossing another one off which is getting off my heart medication.  I went to the doctor on Friday of this week and we cut my medication in half and I will check back in one month to see how I’m doing with that.  I am so excited about this change!

I also went shopping with my beautiful girls on Saturday and I tried on a dress that they had on sale while I was there just to see how far off I was from fitting into it.  To my surprise it fit! It’s a size 2X from Old Navy.  I was so excited when I ordered from Old Navy online for the first time a couple of months ago.  I have always been overweight so going shopping was always something I had to do online and just hope if looked good so I was so excited when I could buy from a major chain store even if it was their plus sizes.  If anyone know Old Navy only does plus sizes online not in the store.  So I was so excited I almost screamed when I went in the dressing room and that 2X fit me.  I bought one in each color LoL.  I also bought a pair for shorts that fit me and a swimming suit cover up that fits me in size 2X.  So now I’m super excited when it comes to shopping.  Of course now days there are several places that are dedicated to plus size clothing and have stores I can shop in but it’s so exciting to get something that isn’t designated as plus size.  Although my husband is very worried that my new sizes may cause some concern for our personal finances.

Next big exciting thing I have is Thursday this week.  I have my interview for Cameron University.  I am so anxious and excited for this opportunity.  I am applying and interviewing for the assistant professor of psychology position which is a something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I am at the point that I love doing private practice but would like to have a steady income and I have wanted to teach for a long time.  It is something that would allow me time to do private practice and still give me benefits and the security of a steady income.  So this is my first interview for a teaching position and I hope I do well.  It is a very big interview, the biggest I have ever done.  They have me meeting with various people all day long on Thursday so wish me luck.  I just finished my 30 minute teaching prep so I am feeling pretty good about it.

OK so I think that’s all that is going on in my area of the world.  Hope you all enjoy your week and reading about mine.


Week 31

Weight Loss this week: 3.2

Total Weight Loss: 108.6

I had an awesome week this week! I have had soooo many good changes occurring for me that it’s hard to keep track of it all.  First of all I had an awesome weight loss this week 3.2 (WOOOHOO), then I also changed my hair style which turned out pretty cute (still needs more blonde though I think), and then I found out that I made it to the face-to-face interviews at Cameron University.  So it has been a huge week for me and I’m so loving it!!  Now if I get this job that is going to mean a move for us this summer but I kind of think it might be good for us.  I would be closer to OKC so I would have more options on the workout end of things.  I would even be close enough to Edmond I could sign up for the personal training through weightwise.  I am really looking forward to my interview is all I can say.  Of course we will really miss Alva and all the people we have met here.  For my children Alva will always be their first home.

Well 4/16/2012 was my 7 month anniversary so I have lost 108 pounds in 7 months!  My 9 month goal is to lose 150 pounds, not sure if I will make it there but I’m trying.  I missed my 6 month goal buy about 10 pounds so I expect that I will have trouble getting to 150 by 9 months but I’m sure going to try.  I have 2 months left and about 42 pounds to go.  I just keep going and eventually I get there.

Next Tuesday I have a check up at Weightwise so I’m looking forward to that.  I will be starting my next 6 month plan, I will only check in every 6 weeks though with this set of visits.  The things I have learned at Weightwise have been invaluable to me and I am so blessed that I ended up there for my care while I complete this life change.

Week 30

Weight Loss this week: 3.2

Total Weight Loss: 105.4

This week was a great week for me!  I think after only losing .4 last week that 3.2 is an great loss.  I’m super happy with that!  I am well over 100 now so I’m happy about that.  Still blows my mind though!  I have been really struggling this week with emotions, motivation, and will power.  I am not sure what it is stemming from but I know it’s causing me some problems.  I still have no cheated at all on diet though and man am I happy about that.  I am worried that I am falling into a bad pattern.  I am having some very negative thinking and I feel an enormous amount of pressure to keep losing.  In the my addiction counseling world this can lead to what is called abstinence violation syndrome which can lead people to relapse (and I don’t want that to happen at all).  Basically the theory says that people have so much pressure to maintain abstinence and this will lead to a belief that it’s all or nothing.  If they make a mistake or slip up then this syndrome will lead the person to believe that since they slipped up all is lost and and they will return to negative addictions full force.  So I am finding that many of the theories I use in substance abuse counseling hold very true for weight loss that I need to prepare for this.  I have been reinforcing in myself that if for some reason I get to the point that I do cheat for some reason that all is not lost and I have actually spent some time coming up with a plan to address any slip ups and continue my diet as I have been.  I’m hoping I won’t need this plan but I have been feeling very unmotivated here lately.

I am coming up on my 7 month anniversary soon 4/17/2012 which will be next week.  I am very happy with the results that I have had to date and can’t believe that I have lost so much weight in such a short amount of time.  I plan to celebrate with my family by visiting the zoo with them.  We had planned to cross that item off my wish list during spring break but it was raining that day so we were unable to go.  So this Sunday they are having a special if you buy one children’s ticket you get one adult ticket free so we plan to take the girls and spend the day at the OKC zoo! I can’t wait!

As you might notice I have added a pictures page to my menu.  I have added some before and after pictures and plan to update it as I go.  I also am trying 3 new recipes this week so I will be adding new recipes to the recipe page if interested.

As always thanks so much for reading my blog!!

Week 29

Weekly Weight Loss: .4

Total Weight Loss: 102.2

This week was a slow week.  I’m not really sure why it was a slow week but I didn’t lose much.  I have noticed that sometimes my body just doesn’t lose.  Not really any reason nothing has changed that I am doing but I will just not lose for some reason.  I think it’s my body just adjusting or something.  I was disappointed about it Saturday but I got over it pretty quickly when I think about the fact that I have lost over 100 pounds it seems pretty silly to be upset.

I have been struggling big time this week with temptations.  This week was easter so I had tons of candy including my favorite easter candy and not only was it in the house but I had to handle it and fill easter eggs for my girls and my nephews.  It was super hard.  I just kept my mind focused on something else and listened to music and sang the whole time I was filling eggs to prevent my mind from getting the best of me.  The other struggle was that this weekend we celebrated both Isabella’s and Zowie’s birthdays.  So we had not one but two cakes from Alva’s market in our house.  This has been the hardest challenge I have had to date.  Saturday after Bella’s party all I could think about was that cake.  I kept having negative justifications about how a lick of frosting couldn’t hurt and no one would know.  OMG  it was so hard.  Finally I just took that cake off the counter and put it way up on top of our cabinets and pushed it as far back as it would go.  After that the thoughts stopped I knew I couldn’t reach it anymore and it was out of sight.  I told Sheldon and the girls they needed to get those leftovers out of here quickly!  I think this has been the hardest part.  I’m a substance abuse counselor so I often tell my clients when they struggle with temptations to completely eliminate them from their lives and homes but how do you eliminate food from you life?  You can’t.  I can’t tell my girls that they can’t have Easter candy or can’t have a birthday cake.  So it takes a lot of will power and creativity to come up with ways to overcome the temptations right in your own home.  If you guys have new ideas let me know I can use some suggestions!

Ok so I’m hoping next week will be better. Have a great week everyone!

Week 28

Weight Loss this week: 4.6

Total Weight Loss: 101.8

I finally made it to 100 pounds lost!!! I am so excited you have no idea.  I really believed that it was impossible to lose 100 pounds and thought that I would never ever be able to do it.  Now that I see that it is possible I feel like I am unstopable!  I still have 200 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight but I feel like even though that is a lot to still lose it is going to happen.  This is a huge accomplishment for me.  In my counseling world it’s called self-efficacy.  Your belief that you can be successful.  It really makes it easier to keep going if you believe you can achieve the end goal.  I know it will be hard work but if I can lose 100 pounds in a little over 6 months then I can reach this goal also.  I am now working on losing 150 pounds which will be half way to my goal!

I also discovered this weekend while on a trip with my wonderful family that I can now sit in a booth at a restaurant again.  I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal but to me it’s awesome!  For years now I have had to ask for a table or look for a table when we go to eat out which usually resulted in us waiting for a table if it was a busy time.  This weekend we went to applebees (so I can do my weight watcher approved meals) and the waitress took us to a booth and I forgot to tell her table.  Anyways I thought why not give it a shot, no problems at all I fit just fine!  Then Sunday we got booths two more times! I’m soooo excited about this.

One more thing.  I took a picture awhile ago not when I started this diet (man I wish I had) but I do have one from after I had Zowie when I was trying to lose weight.  So now that I have finished my 100 pounds I plan to take another picture and post them soon. Then I’ll take one at my next milestone until I reach my goal.  Many of you have asked me for pictures so this will hopefully do.

Thank you everyone who is supporting me through all this, it helps more than you can imagine!!