Week 36

Weight Loss this week: 0
Total Weight Loss: 118 pounds
Left to lose till next goal: 7 pounds

OK so as you might have noticed I never posted on Saturday. I actually left town on Friday and went to OKC with my husband for the weekend. So I weight in the morning and I was exactly where I was last week. I think I’m ok with that though. I feel like I have been putting myself under a ton of pressure to lose every single week and I’ve been stressing myself out. I have been doing a ton of reading and read that stress can actually cause our body to retain fat. So I feel like I need to stop pressuring myself so much. So I decided to take the weekend off totally. I didn’t weigh in and I didn’t stress out about it. I did still try to stick to my diet even though we ate out a lot. I did give in though for the first time since I started this 8 months ago and had some onion rings. So I am a little disappointed in myself about that. However, I am back on track this week. I am right where I left off so hopefully after my stress free weekend I can get myself back on the losing track!

I wanted to share something I read in my book for my PhD course that I am starting on Friday. In 1994 the Nutritional Health Alliance (which sounds like a good thing but actually is not) lobbied for the passage of the dietary supplement health and education act. So what is that you ask, well this act gives anyone the ability to sell almost any drug to the public as long as they do not make any claims about the effects on your health. So I read this and was shocked! You all know that I was very torn when I started this journey about whether to have surgery or not, but another part of this was whether to use weight loss supplements. I am very fearful of using medication (regardless of what they are for) for many reasons but I am specifically afraid of diet supplements. I don’t know how many times I have read about or seen on television that a diet drug is being recalled due to causing deaths or permanent health damages. I am so happy that I am losing my weight though natural sources. I am not trying to say that all supplements are bad but if natural weight loss is achievable then I hope that you would consider it.

Ok so I hope that this little tidbit of information might be helpful. I am currently work on making a list of apps that are the most useful for me when it comes to weight loss so hopefully that post will be coming up soon.

Take care and have a wonderful week!


Week 35, 8 Months!!!

Weight Loss this week: 3.8 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 118.0 pounds

Weight Left to lose to reach goal: 7.0 pounds

OMG I have lost 118 pounds in 8 months!! Super happy and excited about that.  I have one more month till my 9 month goal.  I originally wanted to lost 150 by 8 months but now I see that is going to be unrealistic so I have adjusted it and would like to lose 125 in 9 months!   I’m sure I can do that in a month!

I was reading through my blog posts and noticed that I seem to say the same thing every week so I have decided to mix it up.  This week I am going to share some healthy substitutions that I have learned and also some that I found on Pinterest and haven’t tried yet but plan to.

Parmesan cheese for bread crumbs (I use this in meat loaf, meat balls, anything that calls for bread crumbs)

Black Beans for Flour (haven’t tried it yet but plan to)

Unsweetened applesauce for sugar and also oil or butter (I love this one makes it taste better I think)

avocado puree for butter (haven’t tried yet)

Vanilla for sugar (haven’t tried this yet)

Mashed Ripe Bananas for fat (Love bananas I eat them all the time so I love this one)

Evaporated skim milk for cream

Zucchini ribbons for pasta (I actually have a recipe on my recipe page using this, very good)

Olive oil for butter (much better taste)

Grated steamed cauliflower for potatoes or rice (haven’t tried yet but hear it is good)

Greek Yogurt for mayo (haven’t tried not a big fan of yogurt but thought it was a good tip)

Lettuce leaves for tortilla wraps (love this idea, use it a lot)

Nuts for croutons (love it)

*Several of these came from greatist.com 80 healthy recipe substitutions

Hope you enjoy the tips! Please pass my blog along to anyone you think would like it.  Thanks for all your support!  I have a busy couple of weeks but I am so excited that the girls are out of school and summer has officially started!! This weekend is Isabella’s dance recital in Alva so come out and see it Sunday at 3Pm at NWOSU auditorium.

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I LOVE pinterest in fact I think I have replaced my eating addiction with a Pinterest addiction!  Anyways not all of boards have to do with my diet but I do look for no carb recipes and things that inspire me on there.  I also have a ton of kids activities and crafts!

Week 34

Weekly Weight Loss: 4.2

Total Weight Loss: 114.2

This was  a much better week! Thank goodness.  I talked it over with my dietician and decided to take away one piece of fruit.  I guess the fruit has some carbs in it so taking away one serving will reduce my carb intake and get me losing again. I guess it worked because I did pretty good this week.

I am super worried about all the activities and traveling we have going on this week.  We have dance competitions, me and Sheldon are taking a romantic getaway, we have dance recitals, and much much more.  It is so difficult to find something that works with my diet at restaurants.  I try really hard to keep to my protein, veggies, and fruit but it is very hard.  Even if you think you are ordering something that works sometimes it isn’t.

For example did you know that at IHOP they mix their eggs with pancake batter? Yep they do, so your basically eating a pancake with your egg.  I didn’t know that until I took a look at the fine print on their menu.  Check it out next time your there.  I’m thinking hey eggs, you can’t make that unhealthy right, just protein.  NOPE! They added carbs.  Same with most places that do hamburgers they add bread crumbs to help bind it together.  It is just difficult.

So anyways I am going to try to make smart decisions and stick to my diet.

We have a super busy week this week.  My step daughter Autumn is graduating from 8th grade this week.  It is the last week of school so tons of trips and parties and activities, and it is also Isabella’s dance recital for Alva.  So tons going on we will be super busy all week!  However, I can’t wait till summer, we have so much fun stuff planned.

Week 33.

Weight Loss this week: .6

Total weight loss: 110.0

Ok so I have been feeling pretty frustrated the last two weeks but I keep telling myself that even though I have not had much loss in the last two weeks my overall weight loss is huge.  I have obviously hit a little bit of a wall.  I am going to try to call my dietician on Monday and see what suggestions she has.  I know when we spoke last she mentioned taking away one serving of fruit so I have done that the last two days.  I am also trying to increase the amount of exercise I am getting.  This continues to be a struggle for me.  I really need to find something that I enjoy and like.

I did make it to see Dr. Beirig and I am cutting my blood pressure meds in half for a month and will then check back with him.  My hope is that I will be able to stop taking this medication soon!  That is super exciting for me.

I had a great interview at Cameron University this last week.  I felt so much more confident during my interview with my weight loss.  It was also so much easier to do the interview which was an 8 hour interview including a 1 hour tour of campus that we walked all over the campus and also several trips to different buildings.  So my weight loss has definitely helped me become more confident.  I am hoping to get a phone call in 2-3 weeks.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

We have started to make summer plans this week and I am so excited that summer will be here soon.  I have already told my family I am not sitting on the couch watching TV all summer.  I want to get out and have fun now that I can much easier!

I really do not have much else to say today.  It’s going to be a rebuilding week I guess.