Week 37!

Weekly Weight Loss: 4.4
Total Weight Loss: 122.6
Weight Left to lose till Next Goal: 2.4

Ok so I took last weekend off and I didn’t really care what I weight and I can’t say that I didn’t pay attention to what I ate but I did eat a couple of things I probably shouldn’t have. I just needed a break from the pressure to always be losing. However, when we got back from vacation I got right back on track and I had an awesome weight loss this week. I am also celebrating a big accomplishment I am officially under 350 pounds again!!! I havn’t been this weight in about 11 years so I am super excited about that! My goal for 9 months is 125 pounds and I’m only 2.4 away so I’m sure I can do that. I do have an incredibly busy week coming up though so I hope I can navigate the choices well when it comes to food on the road. I am working on putting together a list of weight loss apps that have helped but I am not finished with it yet so maybe it will be a part of my post next week. I have so much going on on in my life right now. I just started my first class at Capella for my PhD program and I am really anxious but also very nervous. I have been super busy at work lately which is a great problem to have. Plus it’s summer and the kids are home and keeping me very busy with their activities. I am still applying for full time positions, I have an interview in Liberal, Kansas on Wednesday so we will see how that goes. I did finally get a letter from Cameron and I didn’t get that job so I’m going to keep looking. I think that’s about it for now.

Since I do not have anything finished yet I thought I would add this weekly challenge from the Weightwise blog site. I truly love Weightwise and I wouldn’t have been successful with out them. This is a summer challenge that they added to their blog the other day and I thought I would pass it along. I plan to try this to the best of my ability.
Try this workout this weekend to keep things interesting.

10 Pushups

20 Squats

20 Lunges (10 each Leg)

25 Sit Ups

60 Jumping Jacks

30 Wall Sit

Do this 3 times!! Remember to stretch after your workout!! Drink Water!!