Week 44, The “Good” Vegetables

Weight Loss this week: -4.2
Total Weight Loss: -132.2!
Weight left to lose before next goal: 17.8

Hello everyone! I had an awesome week this week! Super excited after a one pound gain last week. It seems to happen that way every so often I’ll either stay the same or gain a pound and then the next week is awesome. So anyways I’m glad that I am still on track with things.

This week I wanted to start sharing (because several have asked) what my diet is consisting of. I’m starting this with veggies. Now when I was growing up I was not taught good nutrition at all. I was definately a latch key kid and I just ate what was in the fridge or cupboard and tasted good. I really thought until last September when I started going to Weightwise that all veggies were good for you and they were all the same. So since I do not like veggies at all my veggie consupmtion consisted of potatoes and corn for the most part maybe green beans or peas every once in awhile. And you will see when I share the list that none of these things are on the list except green beans. A salad if I was trying to eat healthy. I was telling someone recently that I literally believed that the only way to eat “healthy” was to eat salads and fruit and nothing else. So as I’m sure you can figure out that would never last long before I was off the wagon and scarfing down chips, candy, cookies, whatever tasted good. I even remember while doing Weight Watchers being told you can have all the veggies you want, awesome potatoes everyday right. Well now I know why I wasn’t so successful.

So I have learned from Weightwise what the “good” veggies are and what a serving size is.
Beans (green, wax, italian)
Brussels Sprouts
Snow peas
Summer Squash
Tomatoes, canned
Tomato sauce/juice

*Serving sizes (cause it isn’t like WeightWatchers where you can have all you want) 1 serving has 28 calories, 5 grams of carbs, 2 grams protein, and 0 grams of fat. One serving is 1/2 a cup if cooked and 1 cup if raw.
Try to have 2 serving for lunch and 2 serving for dinner along with your fruit and protein.

I will add info about fruit, protein, and fats later. Thanks for reading as always.


Week 42

Weight loss this week: 2.4
Total Weight Loss: 129.2
Weight to lose for next goal: 20.8

Ok so as you may have noticed I have been MIA for a few weeks. About four weeks to be exact. Well first of all just so everyone knows I havn’t given up on my diet. I have ran into several people and that is the big question. “Why havn’t you been blogging or posting on facebook, did you give up?” NO! I have not. I am still working really hard. My weight loss has really slowed down over the last month but I am still working super hard at losing every week. And life happened. In June we had event after event and I also started at Capella working on my PhD and my classes have taken up a lot of my time as well. Plus I have moved my office and I was super busy the month of June at work. So I really just havn’t had time to blog. We were traveling so much that a lot of those Saturdays in June I wasn’t even here to weigh in I would have to wait till we got back the following week. I will say that all the traveling was definately a challenge to my diet and that has a lot to do with my weight loss for the last 4 weeks being a lot lower than it usually is. We were eating out a lot and even though I would try to choose good things it was really hard. I did make some poor choices about carbs as well for the first time since I started my life change and I was feeling pretty guilty about that. I did maintain the no sugar rule though, I havn’t had anything sweet in almost 10 months!!
Things have slowed down though. Bella and Autumn are gone to Texas for the next few weeks and it’s just Zowie, Sheldon and I at home. The last two weeks I worked hard to get back on track and I feel like I have. No more traveling until August so I shouldn’t have any temptations in the way. Just a lot of school work and hopefully a lot of business at my office.
I am coming up on my 10 month anniversary on the 16th so I am hoping to have a great weigh in. I can’t believe it has been 10 months since I made these changes. The things that I have learned and the changes that I have made are invaluable to me and I am so pleased with my success. I would tell anyone who is thinking about making changes to lose weight go for it! You will feel so much better.