Happy one year anniversary!!!

Total weight loss 140 pounds!!!

I thought I would make a quick post since yesterday was my one year anniversary.  I am super excited about my weight loss journey.  I have really just wanted to reflect and thought that this would be a great place to do that.

Over the last year I have had great times:

Losing 140 pounds

Improving my health (I’m almost off my high blood pressure meds and I feel so much better)

Being able to walk again

Being able to enjoy my life and family

Dropping sizes and enjoying shopping again

Being able to do things I haven’t been able to do in the past (walk, stand for more than a few minutes, bowl, shopping, its endless)

and really being alive and actually living my life

I’ve had really bad moments too:

Crying after the christmas parties this year

wanting to give up

gaining instead of losing a few weeks

having to give up things I love to eat

cheating and eating carbs

not making it to 150 (only 10 pounds left)

Looking back on this past year over the last couple of days has been a little emotional.  I am so glad that I choose to make a change in my life and I am so glad that I’ve managed to stick with it over the entire last year.  It has been so hard at times, but you know it’s also been easy at times.  I’m going to try to focus on the easy times and hope that it continues to get easier.  I know I’ll struggle but the struggle is just part of the battle I think.

I do want to say that I really truly owe so much to my husband. It was around this time a year ago that we had, well, we will just call it a conversation.  He was scared for me because at that time I could hardly walk and in fact some days I couldn’t walk.  I was on heart medication at age 30, and I was having a lot of trouble with my blood sugar and had some scary moments.  I was eating myself to death.  I still get mad at him about that conversation to this day but if he hadn’t said the things he said I wouldn’t have gotten pissed off enough to make a change.  I love him with all of my heart and I know that even though the truth was hard to hear I needed to hear it.  If it wasn’t for him I very well may not even be here today.  Also he has been an incredible strength and encouragement for me during the last year.  He has hidden my scale from me when I insisted on weighing every time I turned around and then would get upset that it hadn’t changed, he has held me while I cried about something stupid like not being able to eat anything I want, he has pushed me to keep going when I wanted to give up, and he just keeps telling me how beautiful I am regardless of how I feel when I look in the mirror.  He is truly a wonderful husband.

I have been asked by tons of people how I am losing weight.  I’ve even been accused of lying and told that I had to have had weight loss surgery.  I have NOT had surgery.  And I see it in people’s faces and hear it in their voices when I tell them that it’s simply a change in eating habits.  They don’t believe me.  I hope that I don’t disappoint anyone when I tell you that I really do not have any magic tricks, no special potions, I’m not taking meds (You have to know how dead set against meds I am considering my career), I didn’t have surgery, and I didn’t sale my soul to the devil.  I really did just make a few changes about my diet.  I don’t even exercise hardly ever and I still lost 140 pounds.  Of course for someone who was virtually immobile just walking for me is good exercise which I’m doing a lot of now.  I really truly want to help people also change their lives and I plan to after I reach my goal weight.  However, it isn’t going to be a pill or a surgery.  It’s just hard work, determination, good eating choices, a health lifestyle, and motivation.

Lastly, People have been asking me all weekend what my next goal is.  Well I don’t know.  Overall I need to lose 300 pounds to reach my goal weight.  So I don’t have a number that I want to reach next.  I just want to keep losing.  I am really looking forward to being under 300 pounds because I can’t remember a time when I was.  All through high school I was over 300 pounds so I just think that when I get under 300 I will have really accomplished something amazing.  So I guess that’s what I’m looking forward to next.

Thank you all soooooo much for being supportive, telling me how great I look, offering me kind words of encouragement, reading my facebook posts and blog posts, and passing along great no carb recipes.  Also a huge huge thank you to Steph from Weightwise, without you I couldn’t do this.



Week 51

Total Weight Loss: 144.2 pounds
Hello everyone!
I know it has been sooooo long since I have put up a blog post. I have to admit I hit a bit of a wall the last few weeks. I have been very upset and depressed. I know that may seem really weird that after losing so much weight and gaining so much of my health back that I would feel depressed. As a counselor I have done a lot of self exploration over the last week to try to figure this out. What I’ve learned about myself in the last week is that I need to stop being critical of myself. I have done so much and yes I really do have a long long ways to go but I need to celebrate the success that I have had. I feel that the overall goal is daunting to me. When I get to 150 pounds I will only be half way so the idea of having another year of hard work seems a little overwhelming to me, but now I know I can do it and be successful. I think the next year will be even easier because this lifestyle has become who I am and has become a habit for me. So I have resolved to keep working and keep my head up.
I havee a few days left until my one year anniversary on September 16th and I am working super hard to try to reach that 150 mark before then. I have 5.8 pounds left to make it to my goal. It will be tough but I’m going to do my best. I also hope to do better with my blogging. So I will try harder to keep this updated. I plan to finish the posts about my diet plan as well so keep an eye out for those as well.
Thank you for reading!