Week 66- Progress not Perfection


Weekly Weight Loss: 4.4 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 157.6 pounds

Something that I tell my clients every single day when discussing their sobriety and recovery process is that they should seek progress not perfection.  The similarities between drug and alcohol counseling and weight loss are still amazing to me but saying this phrase yesterday to a client and discussing it with him got me thinking about how it applies to me today.

Progress as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary:

Movement, as toward a goal; advance.

  • Development or growth: students who show progress.
  • Steady improvement, as of a society or civilization: a believer in human progress.  See Synonyms at development.

Perfection as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary:

The quality or condition of being perfect.

  • The act or process of perfecting: Perfection of the invention took years.
  • A person or thing considered to be perfect.
  • An instance of excellence.

Being perfect is something we all strive for while completing our goals in life.  The list of things in this definition are things we all want.  To be perfect and achieve excellence would be the absolute goal.  Although the idea of perfection seems appealing it is also unrealistic.  We are all human, life will happen, and things will not go as planned.  If we are expecting perfection then we will be inevitably disappointed.

Looking at the definition of progress is much more inspiring to me.  Making movement on our goals, growth, and steady improvement.  I think it’s the last one that I like the best, STEADY improvement.  When we are trying to be perfect it can only be sustained for a short amount of time but with progress we are consistent and steady as we achieve our goals.

When it comes to my weight loss I have had downs but I have had steady ups as well.  It has been the hardest and most difficult thing I have ever done but it has also been the most rewarding.

In my “recovery” I am striving for progress never perfection…………

Enjoy the holidays everyone!


Week 63! Thanks for all the support!

Weight Loss this week: 2.8 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 153.2 pounds

Well it was a very good week for me! Another almost 3 pounds off.  I’m so thankful that I’m losing again.  I just wanted to take this time since we are in the midst of the Holidays and the season to be thankful to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been supporting me through this journey.

I have had a lot of accomplishments but I have also had a lot of struggles and it has been the support of those around me that has gotten me through it all.  So this post is dedicated to all of those people that like my Facebook posts, read my blog, send me a compliment on Facebook, email, my blog, texts, or here recently chasing me down at Wal-Mart or other random public place to tell me how great I look or how good I’m doing!  Those compliments truly make my day and keep me motivated.

I also am thankful for everyone who has recently told me that I am an inspiration to them, I have actually heard this so many times over the last few months.  It takes me by surprise every single time I hear it but it truly makes me smile and boosts my spirits.  I really do hope that I can help others, both in my career and as an example.  I will say this that I have been down in the past and truly believed that I was destined to be overweight and unhealthy and there was nothing I could ever do about it.  I am here to tell YOU (yes you) that EVERYONE can do it.  If I can, you can!

I also want to thank my husband and my kids for being my biggest support.  As some of you know this all started because of a conversation (fight) I had with my husband.  My strong will and stubbornness took over from there.  However, my husband has been my rock through this entire process and I wouldn’t have made it or probably even started this without him in my life.  My children have been by my side too.  Even if it’s just a way to go mom or you look awesome today mom or even my Bella coming home from a three hour dance practice and jumping on the Wii with me to do some exercise when I know she was tired but didn’t want me to have to do it alone.  I am truly blessed by a wonderful family.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and here’s to many more pounds to come off in the future!!!