New Crunches Challenge!


Will be starting this on Saturday along with the squats challenge I am doing.  I added a page for this challenge as well so check out my progress and update me on how you are doing!


Habituations……How to break them


First an update:

Weekly Weight Loss:  6.4 pounds

Total Weight Loss:  144 pounds

I am working hard on my blog these days it has become a great outlet for me.  I have added a fitness/exercise page that has several workouts that I like or things I want to do in the future.  I have added a page for my squats challenge so check that out and add your own progress.  I have also updated the setting for the blog so you no longer have to be a registered user or list your name and email to leave a comment so please feel free to add comments (I would love to see them!).

Ok so on to the topic for this blog……habituations.  SO habituations if you don’t know are things that we do automatically without thinking about them as a result of repeatedly doing that behavior as a response to certain events.  A very technical definition for you is reduction of psychological or behavioral response to a stimulus as a result of repeated or prolonged exposure.  Basically what I’m talking about are those little habits that we get into that are extremely hard to break.  We use this term a lot in the my current work as a substance abuse counselor (again I feel that there a lot of similarities between addiction to drugs and addiction to food).

I recently read an article in WeightWatchers magazine that talked about ways to break habits or habituations if you will.  This was very similar to what I teach my substance abuse clients.


WeightWatcher suggestions:

step 1 Shrink your goal:  Set your goal small and easier to accomplish…..make a “mini-goal”.  Example-I hate my legs and I want to make them better so instead of taking on the goal of doing some insane leg workout 7 times a week I might make a mini goal of doing 5 squats at a time.  It’s easier to think of it in terms of small goals.

Step 2 ID your anchor:  In order to adopt a new habit anchor it to something you already do.  For example I might do those 5 squats every time I go to the kitchen (which happens a lot during the day).  So this will increase the number of squats I do.

Step 3 Celebrate:  Every time you complete the new habit celebrate.  Nothing big just pat yourself on the back.  If you do it everyday for a week then get yourself something nice or have a bigger celebration of some kind just don’t make the mistake of celebrating with food.

The way I teach breaking habituation to my clients:

Step 1 Identify the habituations that are holding you back

Step 2: replace them with a healthy one

Step 3: Practice (they say 30 days to form a new habit)

Step 4: Evaluate

So as you can see WW took the stand point of building new healthy habits where I took the standpoint of eliminating unhealthy habits and replacing them with healthy ones.  Either way it’s all helpful.

I have been working on this some and I want to develop a worksheet to go along with it.  I eventually would like to put a lot of this information and helpful tips into a journal or sorts that others can use.  So when I get that done I will post it.  For now these are the habits I want to work on.


Old unhealthy habits to eliminate:

Eating sweets after every meal

After I eat a meal, I will eat a piece of fruit or a sugar free popsicle instead of eating sweets

Getting hungry away from home and having nothing healthy to eat

When I am leaving home, I will pack a healthy snack to take with me and stick it in my purse in case I need it.

Healthy Habits I want to create:

Exercise More

When I drive the girls to dance, I will pack my workout clothes so I can exercise while I wait.

Walk More

When I go anywhere, I will find the farthest parking space.

Finish my Squats Challenge

Before I go to bed, I will complete the squats assigned for that day.

I’d love to see what everyone else is working on……Post them in the comments section.

As always…..thanks for reading!

New Squats Challenge!

Weight Loss this week: -4.6

Total Weight Loss: -137.6

Still kills me that I took such a big step back on my total weight loss but I”m not going to let it get me down.

Ok so I saw this on Facebook the other day and I decided why not give it a try……I really want to get in shape as well as lose weight and I think this will really help me.  So I am posting this here so if anyone else wants to join me please do.  Oh and let me know cause I’d love to have a buddy to do this with.  I am also going to make a page for this and update it with my progress each week.  Feel free to update your progress by leaving a comment on that page!



Have a good week and thanks for reading!!!


Ok I have no idea what week I’m on anymore……I really got off track for a couple of months there.  I am restarting again though!

I am restarting at 338.00 pounds with 168 pounds left to lose…..

Ok so I really got off track and I even went back to eating sweets again for about a week there.  It got pretty bad even.  This really is an addiction for me I have realized.  Luckily though I have realized how bad it is and I have stopped and I am restarting my diet.

Ok so when I met with my dietician she suggested I do the following exercises so I thought I would share them on my blog:

Identify 3 reasons why I started losing weight:

1. Health

2. feel better

3. be here to see my kids grow up

Identify 3 reasons why it is important to me today to get back on my diet:

1. I don’t want to give up

2. health

3. I want to make my kids proud

Write a letter to yourself in 6 months:

I want you to know that I’m proud of you for getting back on track and sticking with your diet.  At this point in your life you should be at least another 50 pounds down and under 300 pounds for the first time since I can remember.  You should be feeling amazing because as your husband says “your a rock star”!  Hopefully you will be off your heart medications at this point.  You will be able to do so much more than you already can now and really nothing can hold you back anymore.  You can do anything!!! You can lose weight, you can be happy and healthy, and you can do anything you put your mind to.  Nothing is going to stop you from reaching your goal weight!!!


Ok so in 6 months……10/11/13 I’m going to come back and read this………we will see how it goes.  I know I can do it….I’ve done it before.  And so can all of you!!

As always thanks for reading!