One Week Down…….The Rest of My Life To Go!!

I have completed week one!!  It was a tough week to get back on the diet and retrain my body.  The detox from the junk food is always so hard.  However, as someone who has studied addiction and dependence I know that physically I stopped having physical symptoms after about three days… comes the hard part, the mental withdrawals!  Which for me is the really  hard part.

One thing that has always been a struggle for me is thinking to far in the future.  That statement… change…..although truthful it is also overwhelming.  In fact my biggest downfall when I gained my weight back was that thought, the one I’m sure I’m not the only person who has.    “I can never have carbs again, I can never have cake again, I can never have real, good, tasteful food again.”  Those thoughts are so overwhelming and in my honest admittance scary.  I love food, I’m addicted to food.  I find enjoyment in eating food.  So the thought that I can never eat the things I love is so dreadful and impossible sounding.  However, for me it really needs to be that way (especially with sweets).  I’m like an alcoholic if I have a little bit I lose control and then it’s 12 weeks and fifty pounds later before I wake up.

In my field I tell my clients once they become addicted to a substance that the body will remember that.  That they can’t drink or use ever again or the body will rebound.  It’s very much the same for me.  I learned this when I gained my weight back.  It took me over a year to lose that weight but only about 9 months to gain it all back.  It’s funny how the body and mind work.  And sometimes they work against us.

So to fight this battle of the mind.  I’m doing a few things.  I have some mantras I am repeating to myself to remember why I’m doing this.  Things like “Food is for fuel, not for enjoyment”, “I can do this, I’ve done it before”, and “I want to be happy, not miserable”.  I’m keeping this blog as a journal for my thoughts and support.  I’m keeping in contact with positive people like my husband and my best friend when I’m struggling.  I’m also using a few coping skills that I’ve actually used with my own clients.  Things like remembering my choice point (I’m in control), remembering why I’m doing this, and coming up with 15 minute activities to use when I have cravings (remember a craving only lasts about 90 seconds so keep yourself busy with something else and it will relieve).

What kind of things work for you?? How are you handling the overwhelming realization that healthy eating is a life time commitment??


Starting Over!

OK……….so I haven’t posted in about two years I think.  I have really fallen off the wagon and I know am completely starting over.  Since I’ve done it before I know I can do it again!  That’s the good news.  The bad news is I remember how difficult it was to get started and I have a mountain of disappointment in myself.  So I want to focus on the positive.  I am going to start my journey again with the 20 things that I hope to gain from starting this journey again!

1.  To be happy again

2. To be able to walk and enjoy activities with my family

3. To be able to shop and not feel miserable

4. To not have to use a wheel chair cart

5. To be able to live longer

6. To have less joint pain

7. To look better

8.  To fit into my clothes again

9. To feel better about myself

10.  To improve my self-image/self-esteem

11. To be healthier

12. To enjoy my life

13. To see my kids grow up

14. To be here to meet my grand children

15. To be able to feel comfortable in my own skin

16. To be able to take my kids to the park and play with them

17. To be able to go on dates with my husband and not have to worry about how much walking there will be

18. To not be a burden on others

19.  To be an equal partner with my husband

20.  To be able to enjoy life and all it’s beauty


So I restarted on this journey again Monday April 20th, 2015!!  I will be leaving an update each week as I did before.  I now know a lot more about blogging so I’ll have a few other posts, maybe some healthy product reviews, and even maybe a giveaway or two.  So I hope you all can join me on my journey!! Who wants to do this with me?  Comment below with your 20 reasons!!