Week 4 Update

Weekly Change: +.4

Total Loss: -14.6 pounds

UGH…….I hate when the scale doesn’t reflect my hard work.  It always seems to happen about once a month that I have a very low loss week.  I’m sure it has to do with something going on in my body because it seems to happen like clockwork.  However, how frustrating to eat healthy all week, exercise, and when you step on your scale for the payoff whomp whomp whomp…….. This is why I really try not to put a lot of emphasis on the numbers on the scale.  I try to look at how I feel, how my clothes are fitting, and things that have changed for me physically.  If I get to caught up in the scale then it can be a trigger to derail my efforts. I may get frustrated, I tend to allow excuses to creep in to cheat on my diet or not do my exercise.  So I am going to ignore this week as if it didn’t happen.  Hope for a better week next week!

Weekly goals:

Keep on the diet

Drink my water everyday

Continue to walk according to my walking schedule (I also get a membership to the gym so I can walk on the walking track!)


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