Week 6 Update

Weekly Loss: -4.2 pounds

Total Loss: -20.4 pounds

Man week six turned out to be a very eventful week for me!  Very scary week actually.  A huge wake up call for me when it comes to be weight and health.  To keep the story short we will just say that I ended up having to be sent to the heart hospital by ambulance on Tuesday night with an overnight stay and heart cath procedure on Wednesday.  At the age 36 I really should not be worrying about blockage or heart disease.  I also came to a realization during this process that as many problems as I had being able to do scans due to my weight that if anything ever happened to me (say a car accident, or an actual heart attack) there really wouldn’t be much they could do for me to save my life.  As big as I am I barely fit on the operating table.  Most of their machines don’t work for me.  This is an important realization.  As someone who wants to live a long time seeing with my own two eyes the limits they would have when it comes to saving me in the case of an emergency really made things click in my head that I must lose weight.

Luckily no blockages or problems were found in my heart!  However, the scare really got myself and many of my loved ones thinking about the risks I run daily by choosing this life of obesity.  Seeing my daughters, my husband, my parents, my sister, and all my other extended family so upset and afraid for me was a huge eye opener as well.  I don’t want to be in that position again.  My doctor highly recommends weight loss surgery but with insurance being the way it is I don’t know that it is an option so I am going to continue to choose life by eating healthy and continuing my exercise.  If it works out in the cards for me to have surgery then I will cross that road when it comes but for now it is vital to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Weekly Goals:

-Continue a healthy diet

-Get back on track with my walking schedule (missed several days while dealing with health issues)

-drink lots of water

Long term goals:

-Lose 10% of my body weight


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