Week 8 Update & Holiday Tips

Weekly Weight Loss: -8.6

Total Weight Loss: -28.8

I am so excited about my weight loss this week! I have recently decided to try a new program.  I was torn since I am so used to the diet I do now and it has worked so well for me in the past.  After a ton of research on this new program and realizing it is very similar with a few minor changes that I would try it.  I officially start this week with their products and program recommendations but I did a little bit of a dry run with my old meal replacement products I usually use and made the changes to the diet plan and I have to say it made a huge difference on the scale!  I am excited to see what the next week has to bring. Now I hate a sales pitch especially if I am not looking for one so I am not going to say anymore about this program but if you are interested and want to hear more about it you can send me a message and I can answer any questions you might have.


So today is Memorial Day!  However with memorial day I usually find that I am battling with BBQ’s, parties, etc.  All the yummy desserts and food that I am not allowed on my plan.  So I thought I would share some tricks I have been using to overcome holiday eating and if you have any you like please share them in the comments!

BBQ Clipart 7333

  1.  BBQ food is actually ok for my diet plan partially.  I can have proteins on my diet so if I am hosting I make sure to put some lean protein on the grill so I don’t feel left out. My food is on the grill too!  If I am going somewhere I usually ask ahead and if I need to I’ll bring something with me.  Usually my family & friends don’t mind.
  2.  All those sides!  I try to do some fun substitutions.  Some great sides for my plan are deviled eggs (which I love), there is a great recipe for mashed cheesy cauliflower in the recipes tab and it is amazing, find some great low calorie baked beans (bushes has a version that I like that is really low calorie), and make some kabobs and grill some veggies along with your protein.  Usually my family loves my sides as much as the ones they make that I can’t eat.
  3. Desserts.  I avoid these at all costs.  I like to bring one of my meal replacements (I have some protein bars that are sweet tasting) this way while everyone is eating their desserts I can have my bar.  I try to arrive full, drink lots of water.  I also try to distract myself (play a game with the kids, find a family member or friend and catch up, etc).
  4. Seems like at family meals like this I end up grazing at the food table all day.  To avoid this I bring activities for the kids and help facilitate the games, avoid the food table (in fact I will even ask my lovely husband to make my plate of food so I don’t go to the table at all), and if it is to overwhelming offer to help clean up and put it all away after everyone is done with the meal (out of sight out of mind).
  5. Be careful of sauces.  I know BBQ sauce is wonderful and is actually allowed on my plan but only in moderation.  It’s tempting to just slather on a ton of sauce on everything on the grill every time you open the lid but at least for your pieces try to limit this to the serving size on the bottle or in your food recommendations in the plan you are following.  For me it is 1/2 a tablespoon for regular and 1 tablespoon for sugar free.  And I can have three condiments a day.  I also like to add other more healthier options to flavor my foods like some salsa that is very low carb and I can have a lot more of it then the BBQ sauce.  I also love avocado so I will make a great low calorie  & low carb guac to put on my protein.  Be creative!

These are just a few things I have learned that have helped me in the past.  Again please share your tips in the comments I would love to hear them.  And of course happy Memorial Day!

Upcoming Weekly Goals:

-Stick to the new diet program

-drink lots of water (at least 8 servings a day)

-exercise & move daily

Long Term Goals:

-50 pounds lost


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