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About Change In Progress:

Change in progress is a personal blog that features the progress of healthy living and weight loss of the owner Bethany Stout.  You will find tips, recipes, exercise tips and suggestions, progress pictures, and health related product reviews.


About the Owner:

Change in Progress is owned and operated by Bethany Stout. Bethany has struggled with weight her entire life and uses this blog an outlet for support. Bethany is a mother of four daughters and grandmother to one granddaughter and soon to be one grandson.  With children of all age groups Bethany has a good understand of all developmental stages.  Bethany currently holds a masters of counseling psychology from Northwestern University in Oklahoma.  Bethany retired as an addiction counselor in 2015 to focus on family.  Bethany is an avid blogger running several blogs, a writer, hobby photographer, and owns a small business Just Add Color Box.  Bethany is a lover of travel, is family orientated, loves to color to relieve stress, and is an avid cook/baker.  Married for 16 years Bethany loves to spend time with her husband and children.

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