Ok so I hate having my pictures taken!  I guess cause I don’t feel like I look very nice so I don’t want to see it.  Anyways I do like seeing the changes in my body so I decided to take pictures at each 50-100 pounds so I can see the progress.  Hoping this will help keep me motivated.

I wish I had taken a picture when I started this journey but I didn’t so I found a picture of myself that I had taken after I had Zowie when I was starting a diet to lose weight from my pregnancy. So that will have to do as a starting point.

This was taken after having Zowie (around 400 pounds)

Around 400 pounds

And here is a picture of me at Zowie’s second birthday party.  I have no idea how much I weighed at this point but I know well over 400.  This would have been in April 2011 and I started my journey in September 2011 so a few months before I began.

So today I took new pictures of myself after losing 100 pounds.  This would be only losing about 40 pounds from the picture above though.  Hope that makes sense.

Ok so I obviously still have a loooong ways to go but I can tell a difference for sure and I feel soooo much better that even if I don’t look like I want to I’m so happy with how I feel it makes it all worth it.  I’ll post as I reach my goals from this point on.

I got a new look on 4/20/2012 to help celebrate my 100 pounds lost.  Here is my new look!

Me and my 11-year-old both fit into my old shirt (I wore this shirt all the time a year ago). I can’t believe how huge it was on me now. (11/8/12)

My old size 36 jeans, they fall off me now! I am wearing a 24/26 now that’s 5 sizes! 11/8/12

Another old pair of jeans size 38 and if you can’t tell from the picture I have both my legs in one leg hole! 11/8/12

My old work pants, I had a bunch of these probably 15 pairs in all colors and I wore them to work everyday.  These are a size 6X, I’m wearing a 2x/3x now.  If you can’t tell from the picture I have both my legs in one leg hole and I actually was able to spread my feet apart (didn’t do it in the picture but was able to). 11/8/12 148 pounds lost!

Before and After Picture, these are the pants that I used to wear to work and now can fit both legs into one leg!

Decided to add a new picture of me, havn’t done this is awhile.  This was taken on 12/1/2012 I weight 317.8 pounds in this picture that’s a loss of 153.2 pounds


Ok so I have never really had a good body image at all.  However, as I lose weight and meet my goals I have tried to see the progress that everyone tells me I’ve made.  The other day I took this picture but I really like it and this is progress for me because I have NEVER taken a picture that I like.  So I’m adding this to remind myself that I’m starting to like myself on the outside for the first time.


Taken on January 4, 2013.  The beginning of another great year for me!





A Side by Side comparison



2 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Margriet says:

    Wow. What an amazing accomplishment. I am re-starting the journey….I am bookmarking your blog for inspiration. Thank your for having the courage to post your pictures. You do look really great.

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