Weight Loss Journey Wish List

Update-I had crossed of many of my items but I feel like I needed to redo this list. I can’t do any of these things anymore so I wanted to update the list and start over.  The things I crossed off I re-evaluated and decided if I wanted to keep that as a list item or throw it out.

Ok so as I said I decided shortly after starting this that I need to learn new ways to celebrate accomplishments and new ways to celebrate holidays and special occassions so I came up with an idea.  Of course most of you know that I am a counselor and I got this idea from something I have my clients do while they are in treatment.  I feel like it is so important to have things to look forward to when you are making life changes that seem very hard and difficult.  So I made a wish list.  These are things that I have always wanted to do, maybe things I used to do that do not include food and are things that I have been unable to do or just put off because of my weight.  I have checked off a couple of these so far and I will add as I go.  Since I am still overweight it is still difficult to do some of these but I have high hopes that I will begin crossing these things off soon.

Goal Weight Journey List

These are things I want to do as I lose weight and reach my goal weight.  Since I cannot celebrate with food consumption anymore then I plan to celebrate by crossing off items on my list as I reach my goals!!!

  1.  Fly on a PlaneS
  2. Buy an outfit in a store at the mall
  3. Ride on a rollercoaster
  4. Go to a concert and stand the entire time
  5. Ride on a jet ski
  6.   Ride a bike ride with my kids
  7.   Ride a horse
  8.   Ride on a motorcycle
  9.   Get a make over
  10.   Go to the movies and not be uncomfortable
  11. Go to the zoo with my family
  12.   RUN
  13.  Do jumping jacks
  14.   Walk in a marathon
  15.   Buy and wear a beautiful evening gown
  16.   Buckle the seat belt in the car without an extender
  17.   Take a dance class
  18.   Go to a dance club and dance till they close
  19.   Join a bowling team
  20.   Go skiing
  21.   Buy a stylish pair of jean and be able to wear them
  22.   Act in a play and not be self-conscious
  23.   Go scuba diving
  24.   Walk while I’m shopping at Wal-Mart and not have to use a wheel chair cart
  25.   Update my foot tattoo
  26.   Go to an amusement park with my kids and ride all the rides
  27.   Shoot fireworks
  28.   Write a book about my experience
  29.   Be on TV
  30.   Meet someone famous without being embarrassed about my weight
  31.   Have a photo shoot
  32.   Swim with dolphins
  33.   Go to Disney world and enjoy time with my family
  34.   Take the stairs
  35.   Start a weight loss counseling center to help others
  36.   Get off my heart medication
  37.   Be able to do yoga class again
  38.   Dance with my husband
  39.   Go shopping with my daughters and not need a wheelchair cart
  40.   Take my daughter to the park and play with her
  41.    Go swimming with my daughters
  42.    Be able to go camping again
  43.    Fit into my old clothes
  44.    Be able to do an escape room
  45.    Spend a day in Brick town with my husband

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